Dog constipation | 6 Best Natural Way to Treat Dog Constipation

Dog constipation is something not to be worried about if it is occasional but in case of constant Dog constipation,owners should take it serious and need to be treated immediately. This usually is not much cause for concern as long as the condition does not last too long. 

There are few ways to treat dog constipation naturally,you need to learn how to prevent the condition in the first place. This is especially important if your dog is having problems more than normal.

06 best and effective naturall ways to treat dog constipation at home,


Giving your dog pureed pumpkin will work wonders when it comes to relieving his constipation naturally and very fast. Not only does pumpkin contain fiber, but it also offers plenty of water content in it . It is important that you don't give your dog pumpkin puree that has spices added to it. Also don't give over dose your doses. A couple of teaspoons should be enough at one feeding

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is very effective way to treat dog constipation naturally. It is best to use the organic variety of Apple cider vinegar. One to two teaspoons of Apple cider vinegar is enough. Not only does organic apple cider vinegar work well for constipation in dogs, but it also works well for other digestive problems in dogs.


You can use a variety of oils if you find your dog to be constipated. Two of the most effective include mineral and olive oil. The lubrication they provide will hopefully help get rid of the problem. You don't want to overdo it with either type though. Some owners prefer to give coconut oil or even almond oil to their canines.


Dogs need exercise for many reasons. One of them is that it helps keep their digestive system working in proper way. Make sure that you provide your dog with adequate exercise on a daily basis.


Dogs should always have availability to fresh drinking water. It's especially important during the summer months when dehydration can quickly effect. You also need to pay attention to  water supply during the winter since it can become frozen after being outside for a while.


You hopefully realize the importance of feeding your dog a healthy diet. A good way to prevent dog constipation is to add a bit more dietary fiber to your dog's food. You can find fiber in a range of foods like leafy vegetables or the aforementioned canned pumpkin.

Why Dog Bite, How to Protect Yourself From Dog Biting

Not being educated and not being committed on training their pet is what leads to most of these dog bites. We must realize that dogs do not normally become a part of our families already trained.

Why Do Dogs Bite

  1. They  bite if scared, angry or threatened.
  2. Even a dog that friendly will bite.
  3. If dog feels he's cornered or crowded.
  4. They will protect of what they think belongs to them. Like their food and toys.
  5. Dogs protect their space such as sleeping area, yard, porch, cars and home.
  6. Dogs are predator by nature and love to chase and attack.
  7. A stray dog feel upset on being lost or hurt and bite with a lot less provocation.
  8. A dog being startled might lash out and bite.

 How to Protect Yourself And Your Family From Dogs Bite

1. Teaching young children to be careful around pets. Do not allow small children to play and allow puppies to bite. Not even play biting.

2. Teach your kids never get close to strange dogs.

3. Leave a dogs things alone like food, toys, bones etc.

4. Most injuries are caused by getting too close to a dogs face with your own.

5. Re-fain from running past a dog. They love to chase. Avoid making a dog excited or aggressive by yelling and screaming.

6. You never want to pet a dog that eating, sleeping or caring for its puppies.

7. Stay away from dogs that are tied up or in cars.

8. You should always ask from a pet owner to pat his dog. Even if he is present and the dog's on a leash.

9. Refrain from swinging your arms or things you have at a dog. They may may think it an invitation to bite.

10. You should never pet stray dogs or ones running loose.

Its great to have a dog go on a hike or walk on a trail with you but we humans need to treat dogs with respect. Just remember to teach your children how act around dogs, it will keep them safe.

Clean Your Cat, Best Cat Cleaning Tips To Make Cat Healthy

Cats are  naturally clean animals and like cleanliness.The place where they live, house, bed, playing lawn etc need cleaning once in a week regularly. A clean pet attracts everyone. You should clean your cat once in a week if needed twice weekly. Cleaning of cat is an art because cats are very sensitive animals.When you clean cats, you make them to feel how you care of them, that make cats more close and loving to you.

If you want to clean your cat and take best care of her then follow folling instructions,

How To Clean Cat's Body

To cleaning cat's body hold cat firmly but remember not very firmly because cats body is very gentle and soft. Holding cat very hard, cat will not feel comfortable and not response you. while cleaning if your cat feel pain, cat will run off when you want to clean cat body. Start cleaning from less sensitive parts like back and end up with sensitive parts like tail and gentle areas. Check for contamination of the back side of the cat body, If necessary, clean it with wet cotton balls. Do the same thing between the fingers, If cats are clogged with wet droppings, clean the cats frequently in the spring and fall period when hair falls to avoid hair balls and excessive falls.

How To Clean Cat's Eyes

Cats  often have tear spots on the inner corners of their eyes because liquids do not drain properly from the tear ducts. You should wipe out and clean the stains with a cotton ball dipped in water or baby oil by using a different cotton ball for both eye. Remember do not touch the eye ball itself , clean using a cotton ball or other napkin .

How To Clean Cat's Ears

If you ignore cleaning cat's ears, then ear mites infection can be occur, so try to clean cat ears once in a week. Use cotton ball or cat ear cleaning drops which are available on stores. Remember don't use cotton swab because it can damage cat ears skin because cat ears skin is very delicate and sensitive

How To Clean Cat's Teeth

Regular cleaning of cat's teeth will prevent tartar buildup in teeth and let you check for any dental problems such as gingivitis or exotic lumps and you should use toothbrushes and toothpastes made specifically for cats.

How To Trim Cat's Nails

Cats often do not pull their nails internally at home  so if necessary you should buy clippers in the form of a guillotine and be careful not to cut the claw blood vessel which appears as a thin red strip inside the claws.

How To Comb Cat's Hairs

1. Long Hairs Cats

Cats with long and semi long hair need several piece of equipment including a wide toothbrush to get rid of tangles, a finer brush or combing to the back of the body and a toothbrush not to be  useded for sensitive facial areas, Scissors should have rounded ends to avoid injury, if cats move suddenly.

2. Short Hair Cats

Short hair cats require the use of a basic rough routine hair brush as well as a cloth such as chamois , velvet or silk to polish fur after the brush. Unique coats such as Devon Rex and Rex Cornish cats need extra care with a soft brush.

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