How to Train Your puppy, Best Pit Bull Puppy Training Tips

Pit bull puppies are great at learning.They often get a bad reputation and are accused of being aggressive. But the fact is that well bred and properly socialized pit bulls are very friendly and people oriented pets.

With their high energy level and strength, training a pit bull puppy is not bed of roses. However if you have decided and choose a Pit bull as pet, you will find them to be extremely intelligent and keen to learn.

If you get a Pit Bull puppy, your first step in Pit Bull Terrier dog training would be to socialize as much as you can. The good aspect of owning pit bull puppies is that they are like a blank canvas on which you can work to create the right imprints. What you do during this time is very important.

Successful training could make the big difference between a Pit bull that is a superb family dog and friend, or the one which is an irritating and trouble making.Luckily by adopting the step by step guideline  any one could properly know Pit bull puppy training tactic.

Start Early Socializing with your Puppy 

If you have a young pit bull puppy or are planning on getting one soon, make socialization would be your top priority. It is important that your pit bull puppy learns to be comfortable with a variety of people and situations from a very early age. Expose it to children, men, women, and other animals. Get your pet used to being handled. Keep things positive and upbeat, and allow your pit bull puppy to approach new things in its own time. This early socialization is the most important component of your puppy's training program.

 Socialize Your Pit Bull Puppy with People

Despite a pit bull terrier's reputation, aggression towards humans is very un characteristic of this breed and a highly undesirable trait. Indeed, pit bull terriers make poor guard dogs, due to their friendliness towards strangers. The American Temperament Testing Society, which tests different aspects of temperament in dogs, including stability, shyness, aggressiveness, protectiveness and friendliness, gives the American Pit Bull Terrier a nice passing score of 86 percent.

Do not Give too mush Affection during Taring

The most common mistake done while training pit bull puppies is giving them too much affection, instead of following his mantra exercise-discipline-affection.

This creates unstable dogs and bad behavior and then the owner finds it difficult to earn the dog’s trust, respect, and loyalty.

Loose Leash Walking

Loose leash walking is very important during puppy training, and it works best if taught in an obedience class setting so your puppy learns how to behave on the leash despite strong distractions such as other dogs and people. You can teach some basics of loose leash walking by walking your puppy in a quiet area and stopping when your puppy is walking in front of you causing the leash to tighten. Use a treat to position your puppy back to next to you and repeat this exercise over and over.

Teach puppy Behave Properly With Other Dogs

Because pit bulls have a history of  bred as fighting dogs, they are not always tolerant other dogs. You can keep control over your dog in the presence of other dogs by teaching it to focus on you. This is when the look command comes in handy. Other commands that can help include  stay, come. To ensure that your dog will respond to your commands, even when it may be distracted by other dogs, take the time to practice commands in a variety of settings and situations. It is important that your dog can respond to your commands when you are at the park just as well as it does in your living room. 
It is important to remember, however, that each dog is an individual. Some do well in households with other dogs, while others show aggression toward other dogs. It can not be stressed enough that aggression toward dogs does not equal aggression toward humans. 

Patience And Consistency

Many people experience difficulty in Pit bull puppy training just because they lack patience, consistency, and timing. Consistency helps establish which behaviors are unacceptable. for instance , if you are doing not want your dog jumping abreast of the couch, then all members of the household must be told to not allow such behavior. If you disallow it, but your children encourage it, the dog won't get the message that it is NOT okay to leap onto the couch.
Timing is important in making your dog learn which specific commands are related to particular actions. Give the command for your dog to urge off the couch as soon as he jumps abreast of it in order that he understands that the couch is off limits. If you let a couple of minutes pass before giving the command, the dog might imagine that it's okay to use the couch for a touch while every day .

Avoidance Strategies

Another sort of positive reinforcement which will be very effective in Pitbull puppy training is understood as avoidance. This involves withholding rewards whenever your dog disobeys commands or displays unacceptable behavior. for instance , if you tell your dog to urge inside his crate and he refuses, deduct the treat that you simply would normally place within the crate as a gift then ignore the dog. Give the treat only your dog settles down within the crate. Soon he will realize that disobedience will only end in the loss of your attention also because the loss of his treats.

 If the dog shows an attacking behavior, do not slap, attack or kick the puppy, instead, manage the matter in a wise technique. You can raise your voice or maybe stare at them with tempers.

Your pup could quite often reveal agonizing plus destructive habits, for instance biting on as well as chewing on body parts as well as clothing. It should be stopped instantaneously. To stop this kind of action, you can make use of a pained expression with your voice. Make sure to never express tempers as well as shout at the pup.


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