Cat Meowing, 10 Possible Reasons Of Your Cat Unusual Meowing

Its normal for cat to meow, cat meowing is as like dog barking or human talking, every cat owner have  experienced the cat meowing at different stages, but excessive meowing from their cats is not normal.

Sometimes it is really hard to identify why exactly the cat is making such constant meowing. 

Kittens meow to their mothers when they are hungry, cold, or scared, But once cats get older, they use other vocalizations, such as yowling, hissing, and growling to communicate with each other. Meowing is refereed for their communications with people.

some cats just seem to like to hear their own voices, while others seem to want to conversation with their owners. If your cat is talking a little more than normal then try to figure out the cause . Once you know the reason, you can then work to get your cat to meow less.

Reasons for Excessive Cat Meowing

1.Depends on Breed

The amount of meowing depends and varies by breed of cat. Oriental breeds, especially Siamese cats, are known as great talkers, so anyone who does not like meowing probably should not keep these breeds.

2. Seeking Attention

Most of time cat mew to seek attention, Maybe this is because the cat wants to play, or they are bored.If your cat keeps meowing, then best solution is to walk away until they calm down. Walking away is for excessive meowing.

3. Want to Play

If your cat is meowing after seeing someone around him then definitely he is driving your attention toward him .most of time that mean that your caat is bored and want to play.Spend quality time with your cat every day. Play with cat for it ensures the cat has exercised which is crucial to his well-being. Reward your cat when calm and ignore  when meowing constantly.

4. Stress

New animals and new people  in the home and many other things can cause stress to your cat.When your cat continually meows during these changes, it could just mean I am surely mad at you or I do not like this at all.

Obviously your cat will not dictate to you his dislikes. It is then up to you to identify  changes and the effect they have on your cat. When bringing a new animal to your home socialize the new pet and your cat to eliminate behavioral problems.

5. Need Medical Treatment

When cats are sick or feel discomfort or have pain or in trouble,cats also start meowing excessively. Remember meowing is one of the common way cats use to communicate to  owners. Cats can be good at hiding ailments. Excessive cat meowing without any interest in food is a sufficient warning of an sickness that needs attention.

Excessive meowing can be a warning sign of kidney disease, urinating problems, thyroid or other cat related health problems. If your cat has just developed this behavior, a visit to the veterinarian is worth taking.

6. Hunger

Some cats will meow for food-related reasons. When the  food bowl is empty, your cat will let you know and not in a cool manner. Make sure your cat gets wet food frequently and you can surprise him with canned food sometimes.

Make it sure that the cat is getting enough food at the right daily  intervals. Also ensure that his water bowl is full.
ants food. Some cats meow every time someone walks in the kitchen, hoping to get a bite. And many cats become very vocal when it gets close to their feeding times. If this is your problem, don’t feed your cat when she cries. Wait until she quiets to put down food, and don’t give her treats when she meows. If this doesn’t work, get an automatic feeder that opens at set times. Now kitty will meow at the feeder and not you.

7. Old Age Confusion

Cats, just like people, can suffer from a form of mental confusion, or cognitive dysfunction, as they age. They become disoriented and often cry plaintively for no apparent reason, especially at night. A nightlight sometimes can help if your cat becomes disoriented at night, and veterinarians often can prescribe medications that help these symptoms.

Like humans, cats can be confused or forgetful during older age.

Disorientation is common and your cat may frequently meow because of confusion and frustration. If your cat continually meows or bumps into things at night, let the light on an entire night. You can also visit your  vet for more checkups.

8. Feel Lonely

 If your pet spends too many hours a day alone, think about getting a pet sitter to drop in during the day, or find other ways to enrich your pet’s life. Put a bird feeder outside a window she can watch. Leave foraging toys out with food inside. Get her a kitty condo and rotate different toys that you leave out for play.

9. Cat Might Be in Heat

Female cats become very vocal suddenly when they are in heat. They meow excessively to attract males. Also, males become noisy when they detect a female cat in hear close.

Save yourself and the feline companions this trouble by having your cat neutered or spayed.

10. Lacking Attachment

Sometimes your cat may be meowing simply to say hello to you. Try to calm down your cat  is the meowing  by interacting with him. Scolding your cat for constant meowing may cause insecurity and fear which can interfere with the relationship you have with your cat.


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