Tiny but Smart

Yellow-throated marten

The hunter animal found in the hilly areas which is from the mongoose family. It has a black face, while his chest, lower jaw and side part of the neck are covered with creamy white hair color.

His face is slightly smaller while the tail is long. His eyes are bright and a very smart animal. Male length is 500-720 mm and weight is 2.3-5.5 kg while female length is 480-630 mm and weight is 1.6 to 4.0 kg.

It is found in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Russia and all the countries connected with the mountain range of the Himalayas. There are about 10 types of it all over the world and slightly difference in appearance.

This animal is carnivorous and also a vegetarian. His diet includes fruits, animals, eggs, birds, puppies, poultry, butterflies, rabbits, snakes, mice, deer etc. They hunt in groups. They also hunt the musk deer and eat it. Sometimes even they attack on humans. Marten eats whole deer in 2 days. They also hunt the panda's children. Usually hunt on the ground but they can climb on trees, And can jump 5 to 7 meters from one tree to another tree.

Their breeding season is 2 times a year, in winter and summer. They have 2 to 4 children. Like a cat their substance estrus occurs in twice a year. The duration of pregnancy can be between 220 to 290 days.
They do not build their permanent homes, but they live by walking away.
Fortunately, their generation is still out of danger.


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