The scent you put on may be get from this wild.

Musk Deer is found in Nepal, India, Pakistan, Russia, China, Afghanistan, Japan, Bhutan and Mongolia. They are 2.8 to 3.3 feet (1.01 m) long, while their tail is about 1.6 inches (4.06 cm) long and the height at shoulder is 20 to21 inches.

They generally weigh between 14 and 18 kg. Their gestation period is between 185 to 195 days. Female gives birth to one or two babies. Their average life span is 14 to 20 years. Its color is brown while there are white colored strips on their neck. Their breeding season is November and December.

It is a very rare deer. Due to constant hunting, their generation is rapidly disappearing from the earth. In fact, many countries of the world have just finished. And in many countries, their race is in danger. Even in Afghanistan it has been disappeared since 1947.

At night, they are often seen within the open areas of their habitat as they graze, while during the day, they continue to be in dense cover. It's a vegetarian animal and a very shy wild. They eat Leaves, grasses, moss, lichens, and shoots.

Their sensation of hearing is very sharp so, they feel the danger very quickly. Male Musk Deer has two large teeth that are similar to Dracula's teeth while the female does not have long teeth.

Now I am telling you interesting thing about musk deer. 


Musk is the heavy base note scents which get from male musk deer, when a male died. A gland called musk bag is quickly separated from its body. It has a creamy substance of reddish brown color which dries and converts into black grains called grains of musk. After that it mixed in different solutions and make scents which are very costly and rare. For this purpose peoples hunt them widely.

Musk is found only in male deer. The main purpose of musk scent is to attract the female.Its fragrance is so sharp that if anyone smells it in pure condition, it starts bleeding from his nose.

Chinese musk deer are very famous due to produce the best kind of musk. However China and Japan have their farms. They do not kill the deer instead they obtained musk every year from the same deer through surgery.

There are 7 more types of musk deer that are found in different countries.

1. Anhui Musk Deer

2. Chinese Forest Musk Deer

3. Alpine Musk Deer

4. Pakistan, Kashmir Musk deer

5. Black Musk Deer

6. Himalayan Musk deer

7. Siberian Musk Deer.

For God’s sake please make their farms instead of hunting or killing them.



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