One from the oldest creature


Crocodiles are considered one of the most dangerous animals in the world. It is also one of the oldest creatures on earth. According to experts, they have existed in the world for the past 65 million years. And even as the centuries passed, their shape and size had not changed.

The world's largest crocodiles are found in India, Fiji and the salted waters of Australia. This type of crocodile is called Crocodylus porosus. They are up to 16 feet (4.88 meters) long. A kind of small crocodiles are also found in the world which can be compared to the size of lizards. They weigh up to 18 kg.

Yet there are many surprising things about crocodiles that are most people not aware of.
The average lifespan of a crocodile is 80 years. The longest-lived crocodile died in Russia in 1997 at the age of 115.

Certainly the open mouth of a crocodile is considered a sign of fear but that does not mean he is going to be aggressive rather, the crocodile opens its mouth to get coolness because they're sweating through the mouth.
Tears flow from eyes of a crocodile while eating food but these tears are not caused by any pain or discomfort, it is just a physical reaction.

During the monsoon season, crocodiles behave aggressively at that time they extremely dangerous for humans. You must be surprised to hear that crocodiles do not have skin on their back Rather, it is a specific type of bone which is so hard that it can endure the attack of arrows and bullets.
Crocodile's skin products are very costly because their skin is very expensive and it is obtained from the belly of a crocodile.An exquisite purse made from crocodile skin can cost up to 15,000 US dollars.

The crocodile swims with the help of his tail, they stick to their feet while swimming to make it faster and easier.and its speed in water is 40 km per hour, but soon tired while walking on the ground, fastest speed of crocodiles on dry land is recorded 17 km / h.

As soon as they enter the water, their nostrils are closed, and an extra muscle is present in the throat, which prevents water from entering. Crocodiles usually eat fish, birds, and sometimes even small crocodiles become their food. They have very slow process of metabolism and can survive for long periods without food. After food they open their mouths and lie on the ground. Birds of a certain breed come and eat meat fibers from their teeth.
Crocodiles use their tail to raise their bodies vertically. And this physical condition is a dangerous warning to their victims. And they also attack in this position. They also have the ability to climb on trees. Crocodile as a pet is a serious risk, So, avoid it.


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