Nothing is usless in the world

According to researchers information about all the wild animals is almost acquired, but it’s said about snakes and fishes that researchers have limit knowledge.

Snake stone

You may have probably heard about it. Today, I'm going to tell you amazing fact about it. It is also known as snake pear. It is generated in the head of snake. Snake have a bag of poison in their palate which opens in the middle of his teeth.

When snakes bite someone they inject their teeth in his body then sputum is suppressed by the pressure and the poison enters the victim’s body through teeth. It effects of his nervous system. This makes the victim unconscious. And the snake eats it comfortably.
Mostly it happens that snakes firstly make mice, frogs, and birds unconscious then swallow them. They can’t swallow their prey unless they make them insensible.If snake does
not use this poison, the poison in his bag will increase. And once a time come that bag will be exploded, and the snake will be killed by his own poison.
That's why snakes in the forest keep biting the animals for their food or defense. So their poison may not exceed the limit. There are some types of snakes that collecting a large amount of poison, it’s a kind of disorder.

This excess amount of poison is converting to a grain slowly. As the poison
increases, the size of this grain also increases, and becomes as hard as a stone. And its burl can be clearly seen on his head. Snake-catcher knows what this is. They take out the stone by applying a slight cut with a sharp knife or a blade. It is observed that the snake did not die during this procedure. For this it’s important to be an expert. This is the faith of the snake-charmers.

When removed It’s oblong, clammy, and shaped like a Soapwort. It becomes hard and spreads after dried and become a flat shape. Weight is very light and looks like a piece of plastic.

This stone has the ability to absorb the snake’s poison. If this applied to the snake's bite, it sticks to that wound. And began to imbibe the venom. After all the poisons is absorbed. It will fall apart automatically.

It is rare that this type of snake is found in the forest. For this purpose,people nourishing a particular black and thick, highly toxic snake. It is kept in a separate, and safe place and is fed with milk daily. When he gets this type of food diurnal without stinging any animal. Then his poison starts to grow and becomes a stone.
When time comes, they carefully take it out by lace-rationing his head. And leave him in the forest again.
Not every snake have a this stone. But as a thousand oyster shell in the sea but some rarely have
pearl similarly, it is created in a particular type of is very beneficial. Some time ago a Nigerian doctor had expressed doubts about its benefits but later he verified that this stone is gainful.
I think every creation in this world has its own purpose we just need to understand them.


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