Engineer bird

Baya weaver

Baya Weaver Bird is belong to Passerine bird family and also known as weaver finches and bishops. These names gave to them because of the nest which they made.There are five more types of it.

They are up to 15 cm. It is most commonly found in the Indian sub-continent, Africa and the South Asian countries. It is most often seen near grasslands' agricultural fields and water reserves.

This tiny sparrow makes beautiful nest called retort. They usually made their nests on the branches of coconut and acacia's tree that hang above the water. They use fine leaf fibers, grasses, and offshoots to make nests. Each strip can be between 40 to 60 cm in length. Nests hang on the tree toward the ground as you can see in the picture above. It's round part is the residential area. There is a hole in the bottom side, which is used as entryway. They build nests with the help of their beak which is as small and sharp as needle. They always make nests on the east side So that it can be protected from the southwest monsoon rains. 
Usually male builds the nest which is completed within 18 days. Interestingly, the male does not make the complete nest Rather, female first examines the nest and when both agree to live together then the female also helps. However, interior maintenance is the responsibility of the female weaver.

Seeds and insects are their preferred diet. They search for food in flocking.
The males are bright, usually in red or yellow blackish color. Some of their types change their color with the climate of that area.

They breed in monsoon season. Both males and females are polygamous. They usually lay 2 to 4 eggs.
Baya weaver is also known as a social bird. You can also call him engineer bird.

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