A Brave Bird

The Comb-crested Jacana is also known as the Lotus bird or Lily trotter.He is the only bird of his generation. Its mostly found in Australia and New Guinea.

His neck colour is white while it has a yellow ring around it. He has a very cute red crown on his head. Its legs and toes are long. Both male and female are similar in appearance. However, the female is slightly larger than the size of the male. The length of male is 20-21 cm and female is 24 to 27 cm.

Male is responsible to safe the children,He can hide many babies at once in his wings. He does it when he feels danger. And travels until found a safe place for them. This situation makes sense that a number of legs have appeared due to birth defect in this bird, but it's not. you can see in picture above.

Jacana Loves to living in water-filled lakes. With the help of his special long legs and long toes, it runs smoothly on the leaves.
It builds its nest on floating leaves and plants on water. 80% of its nests are destroyed or dispersed. And that's why it makes frequent nests, also picks up children from one place to another.

Sometimes they even carry their eggs from one place to another. Their substance lays 4 eggs at a time. Female corresponds to two to three males. After laying the eggs, they leave them to the last male. Thus, only the male nurture and care for these children.

They eat insects, aquantic plants and seeds. 
Crested Jacana  is a very shy bird.


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