Animal that travel 3500 km within 76 days

Arctic fox 

The Arctic fox is belong to canid family in Canada. Although it is related to other foxes and wolves.

They are usually 75 to 115 cm long, and average weight is 2.5 to 8.5 kg. In winter their color is white while in summer, their color turns into light brown. These changes help them to hide from their enemies all year. For hunting during the winter, the Arctic fox uses its hearing and sense of smell to detect small animals that are active underneath the snow.

Today, we tell you about a very brave female Arctic fox. She surprised humans by walking 3,500 kilometers to ice in just 76 days. This fox was less than a year old at the beginning of the journey. She started her journey from an island of Norway called Svalbard in search of food, And 76 days later reached on Aylmer an island in Canada.

Researchers of the Polar Institute in Norway put a GPS tracker on the female fox to track it. She traveled 1512 km long journey of Greenland just in 21 days. And soon after, she started her amazing journey by walking in the snowy area.

Experts were impressed with the speed of the fox rather than the length of the distance. They estimated that the fox walked an average of 46, kilometers a day, and in some days she also traveled an average distance of 155 km. Researchers thought that the fox might have died or someone had brought it to the boat. But there was no boat in that area.

Never before has a fox been recorded on such a long journey, so fast. Really she is a brave animal in the wild.


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