A wild who is busy to serving humans.

A honey bee is the member of fly’s family. Honey bee found in every country except Antarctica. Honey bees are the only wild that makes food for humans.

In the early 21st century, only seven of their types were recognized which have more than 44 supplement kinds. There are 20,000 types of flies and Honey bee is distinguished by honey production and for their unique nesting.They have five eyes, two large compound eyes, one on either side of their head and three smaller eyes, called ocelli, at the top of their heads.Compound eyes contain thousands of lenses (omatitis) that give them a complex view of the world.The name of the world's smallest bee is Trigona Minim, while the largest bee is called Mega Chile Pluto. Honey bees can see light, motion, and colors.When a bee flies, its wings are spinning more than 12,000 times a minute that means 200 times a second.
They make their hives on the trees, mountains and sometimes under the ground. They go to flower entomophily a wide variety of plants. Some types are also used as a commercial basis. This trade is worth billions of dollars annually. Getting honey from honey bees is one of the oldest activities of humans. 

Bees require juice from at least two million flowers to make just one pound of honey. Hive bees cover a distance of about 88513 kilometers for a pound of honey. It’s mean, if the distance of each fly was collected, it would be 88513 km. A honey bee can collect juice from more than two thousand, flowers a day.
Once the whole hive flies out it is called a trip, a trip has to go out 1600 times for just 30 grams of honey.
They live very systematically. A queen in every hive which is bigger than other worker bees. She commands the whole bees in the hive, and everyone must obey her order. The Queen also gives proper punishment to the disobedient and rebellious bees even kills some. Never a honey bee can sit on an impurity, If you don't believe me, you can practically observe that.

Queen bee lays 15,000 eggs daily, while in one season she lays 2.5 million eggs. Female bees make honey and in this procedure 30,000 of bees participated. A team of bees visits the source of honey in nearby and remote areas. Through specific movements, they guide the companion that in which direction they need to travel. They preserve the floral scent in their memory from the path they pass through. When they come back to hive, there's a quality checker team. If a fly that tries to carry a harmful material with him then team break his wings and throws him down.
So In this way, only pure honey is stored in the hive. These bees produce honey of different colors and different flavors. Colors, and flavors of honey change with according to flowers and season.
Honey bees also eat honey itself, they used it as fuel. With just 28 grams of honey a honey bee can circulate around all over the world. Honey bees talk to each other through a special dance. This is an amazing creature of God.

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