A bird that we may not see in the next few years


a bird that extinct from our world,save him please

Kiwi is the bird of New Zealand. This bird is not able to fly. Kiwi belongs to the ostrich family. They are laid the largest egg according to size of their body.

A Young kiwi weighs between 1.4 kg to 3 kg. This bird looks different from other birds. It has a small head and a large amount of feathers on his body. They do not have a tail at all, the legs are very strong and connected with the back of their body. There are 3 thick and strong fingers connected each other with membrane in the toe, while their back finger is small and upwards. The nails of front fingers are quite long. Its feathers are reddish-brown, and has black stripes on it. They have thick and long hair. His eyes are very small. Kiwi’s wings are so small that they are barely visible.

They sit in the pits all the day, hiding them in the piles of fallen leaves. And when night comes they go outside in search of food. They make their homes in many environments, from snowy mountain tussock lands to coastal sand dunes, from mossy forest floors to rough farmed grasslands. As the evening goes on, they become agile and active. 

Kiwi makes a loud noise in the evening, which is similar to the sound of his own name. It is a gentle and harmless bird. They live in coastal forests. They spend their whole life with a single life partner. Their age limit is between 18 to 20 years.

They make their nests on small caves, pit or land. They breed from March to June. Color of the eggs is greenish white. Babies hatch out from eggs in 72 to 90 days. When the kiwi has an egg in his stomach, he has to starve for several days because the size of the egg is larger than his body status. Due to the egg, there is no more space left for food in his stomach.

The size of the kiwi is equal to a hen, but its egg is 6 times larger than the hen’s egg. Kiwi is the only bird that finds its prey by his olfaction. Their long beak is a great helper for them. They make the trunk scratch with their strong beak and eat insects found inside it. Seeds, fruits, fish, and frogs are also their favorite foods.
Their method of hunting is also very interesting. When food is not found despite searching, it produces a sound that resembles the sound of rain. The insects inside the ground think that it's raining and comes outside, and he hunts them easily.

There are 5 types of kiwis. The largest of them is the North Brown Kiwi, which is 20 to 24 inches (60.96 cm) long. Their genration is in danger. Only 5 out of a 100 Kiwi's children reach to the stage of puberty. Most of them become victims of dogs, cats and mongoose.
Cause of Pesticides and hunter animals, their generation is getting extinct. According to an estimate, 27 kiwis are killed in one week due to these hunting animals.
 Kiwis are also raised as pet birds. Please introduce it as a pet.So that this God gifted nature is preserved


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