Unbelievable creature

can a bird fly 4000 km continuosly?Yes
Golden Pover is a bird that causes its migration
Famous from. It's from the U.S. state of Alaska every year.
Flying 4000 km to the island of Hawaii
He migrates. This flight is 88 hours long.
It happens, where he doesn't stay anywhere. On the way
No island, no bird arrow
I can't say anywhere in the middle. When
Scientists researched this bird
It was found that the bird was to complete the journey.
Requires 88 grams of fat.
I fly to this bird as fuel
About 70 grams of sugar is available.
This bird must die in the sea 800 km ago
The doing ends. But how does it come, the answer to that
He's a stoat. Actually it's bird groups
Fly by making a shape v-shape, which
Because they are less prone to air conditioning than
Fly alone. and their %23 energy saved
It happens, which leads them to the island of Hawaii
6. Or 7 grams of sugar to reserve the family
Also present in the form, which is the direction of the winds
They work when they are opposed.
We ask who is guilty of god's denial
How can a bird know it?
What a sly way to travel.
Tells me how it gets so long.
And how does he know how to use the fat. And
Who told him to travel in v-shape and how can he save energy?


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