The World is amazing


Amazon is a Greek word which means a warrior woman.Amazon's forest is spread to nine countries of the world Which Brazil is the top.Its total area is 55 million square kilometers.It's about 50million years old. 

20% of the earth's oxygen produces only Amazon trees.40% of the world's birds animal and insects found in it. Amazon has 60% of the animals that are still unnamed.There are over 30,000 varieties of flowers and fruits.

If you are in  Amazon forest and the rain starts, the first drop of rain will arrive in 12 minutes.Some areas are so dense that even sunlight can't reach there.Adventurer and biologists have only been able to see the forest by 10%.

There are more than 400 tribes, which have a population of about 45 million.They are living wild in the 21st century.
Amazon River is the longest river in the world it's 7,000 kilometers long.There are over 30,000 types of fish in this river.

Some of the butterflies drink turtle's tear to take sodium in their diet.
And the sparrows, who fills their bellies with flesh from the teeth of the crocodile are there.Insects stay inside the rock and get their food.
Believe me, our world is so beautiful.


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