Intresting Ostriches

The flightless ostrich is that the world's
largest bird. They stray African savannah
and desert lands and find most of their
water from the plants they eat.
Speed and Movement
although they can't fly, ostriches area unit
fleet, robust runners. they'll sprint up
to forty three miles Associate in Nursing hour and run over
distance at thirty one miles Associate in Nursing hour. They may
use their wings as "rudders" to assist them
amendment direction whereas running. An
ostrich's powerful, long legs will cowl ten
to sixteen feet during a single stride. These legs
may also be formidable weapons. Ostrich
kicks will kill a person's or a possible
predator sort of a lion. every two-toed foot
has a long, sharp claw.
Herds and copy
Ostriches board tiny herds that
generally contain but a dozen birds.
Alpha males maintain these herds, and
mate with the group's dominant hen. The
male generally mates with others within the
group, and wandering males may additionally
mate with lesser hens. All of the group's
hens place their eggs within the dominant
hen's nest-though her own area unit given the
distinguished center place. The dominant
hen and male move incubating the
giant eggs, each of that weighs as
very much like twenty-four chicken eggs.
Behavior and Diet
Contrary to widespread belief, ostriches do
not bury their heads within the sand. The old
saw most likely originates with one amongst the
bird's defensive behaviors. At the
approach of bother, ostriches can lie low
and press their long necks to the bottom
in a shot to quieten down visible.
Their animal material blends well with sandy
soil and, from a distance, gives the
look that they need buried their
heads within the sand.
Ostriches generally eat plants, roots, and
seeds however will eat insects, lizards, or
alternative creatures accessible in their surroundings


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