Extinct animal in the world


Please save it otherwise this innocent animal will disappear from the earth

pangolin is one of the most extinct animals in the world. At present, they are in danger of extinction all over the world. You can guess that one pangolin is killed every 5 minutes in the world. In other words 1 million pangolin Every year, sleep is eternal. It is hunted for its scalp on the flesh and body.

Its meat is eaten and its scales are used to make both traditional and modern medicines. More than two cans are used to make cancer drugs. In addition to expensive and expensive cottages (clothing) and decorative sculptures and artisans are also made from their scales. Their meat costs several thousand dollars per Grams, and its scales cost several million dollars per kilogram. Her scales are brutally scratched by her body. For a weight gain, a pressure machine and a pipe feed openly for food or say it is coughing. And even babies right now. They are also in the womb of the mother, they are also chopped and taken out and sold as meat. The price of a live pangolin is very high in the black market.
Pangolin is the only mammalian animal on which scales. It can weigh from 13lbs to 72lbs. Pangolin is found in Africa and Asia. It is found mostly in India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Africa. There are 8 types of it. It eats insects. It has no teeth. His tongue is longer than his own size. With the help of this tongue, he eats insects from holes. And yes one important thing if you're thinking of hunting it down and getting rich, get rid of this idea as it was only sold in the black markets of China and Thailand by 2017 and now there The government has banned it. He now faces up to 7 years in prison or 2 million dollars fines on his victim or trade.


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