Amazing facts about world's largest animal

Blue whale Is the  largest living organism on Earth.
It can be up to 30 meters long While it weighs 173 to 181 tons. In history, it is one of the oldest animal on earth. Imagine that it ruled the sea even during the time of The dinosaur. Its size is worse than the largest dinosaur. The blue whale's tongue weighs is much as the average elephant found in the African forests. African elephant weighs up to 2.7 ton. And the size of his heart is as much as a car. Blue whale open his mouth once and can fill 90 tons of food and water in it. It can eat 500 kg krill or small fish in a single meal. Which contains 1.5 million, calories. A blue whale can eat 40 million krill.
 We feel disgusting when listen about vomiting but not in the case of whales. If its vomit is dried it is very rare and valuable. Because this material called ambergris is used in the world's most expensive fragrances. Vomit swims on the water And sometimes it's come to the weighs between 10 to 80 kg.Also, called floating gold.
 And yes, it is still the largest living organism on earth!


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