Amazing facts about world's largest animal

Blue whale Is the  largest living organism on Earth.
It can be up to 30 meters long While it weighs 173 to 181 tons. In history, it is one of the oldest animal on earth. Imagine that it ruled the sea even during the time of The dinosaur. Its size is worse than the largest dinosaur. The blue whale's tongue weighs is much as the average elephant found in the African forests. African elephant weighs up to 2.7 ton. And the size of his heart is as much as a car. Blue whale open his mouth once and can fill 90 tons of food and water in it. It can eat 500 kg krill or small fish in a single meal. Which contains 1.5 million, calories. A blue whale can eat 40 million krill.
 We feel disgusting when listen about vomiting but not in the case of whales. If its vomit is dried it is very rare and valuable. Because this material called ambergris is used in the world's most expensive fragrances. Vomit swims on the water And sometimes it's come to the weighs between 10 to 80 kg.Also, called floating gold.
 And yes, it is still the largest living organism on earth!

A unique wild of 83 years ago

Tasmanian Tiger

Tasmania is an island which is part of Australia. It is located 150 miles south of the Australian continent. A region separates it from the land of Australia.
This animal is called the Tasmanian Tiger or Tasmanian Wolf  since it was found in Tasmania. But his genration was destroyed in the 20th century because of hunting.

The last animal died in a zoo in 1936. However, in various museums around the world, the Tissue Samples of the Tasmanian Tiger are preserved in the alcohol.

The DNA of the Last Seen Tasmanian tiger in 1936 have been successfully decoded And by editing her genes, she will be tried again by the genetically-connected tigers.
It's been 83 years since this animal was revealed to the world.Today we can see this animal only in pictures not really.

The World is amazing


Amazon is a Greek word which means a warrior woman.Amazon's forest is spread to nine countries of the world Which Brazil is the top.Its total area is 55 million square kilometers.It's about 50million years old. 

20% of the earth's oxygen produces only Amazon trees.40% of the world's birds animal and insects found in it. Amazon has 60% of the animals that are still unnamed.There are over 30,000 varieties of flowers and fruits.

If you are in  Amazon forest and the rain starts, the first drop of rain will arrive in 12 minutes.Some areas are so dense that even sunlight can't reach there.Adventurer and biologists have only been able to see the forest by 10%.

There are more than 400 tribes, which have a population of about 45 million.They are living wild in the 21st century.
Amazon River is the longest river in the world it's 7,000 kilometers long.There are over 30,000 types of fish in this river.

Some of the butterflies drink turtle's tear to take sodium in their diet.
And the sparrows, who fills their bellies with flesh from the teeth of the crocodile are there.Insects stay inside the rock and get their food.
Believe me, our world is so beautiful.

Extinct animal in the world


Please save it otherwise this innocent animal will disappear from the earth

pangolin is one of the most extinct animals in the world. At present, they are in danger of extinction all over the world. You can guess that one pangolin is killed every 5 minutes in the world. In other words 1 million pangolin Every year, sleep is eternal. It is hunted for its scalp on the flesh and body.

Its meat is eaten and its scales are used to make both traditional and modern medicines. More than two cans are used to make cancer drugs. In addition to expensive and expensive cottages (clothing) and decorative sculptures and artisans are also made from their scales. Their meat costs several thousand dollars per Grams, and its scales cost several million dollars per kilogram. Her scales are brutally scratched by her body. For a weight gain, a pressure machine and a pipe feed openly for food or say it is coughing. And even babies right now. They are also in the womb of the mother, they are also chopped and taken out and sold as meat. The price of a live pangolin is very high in the black market.
Pangolin is the only mammalian animal on which scales. It can weigh from 13lbs to 72lbs. Pangolin is found in Africa and Asia. It is found mostly in India, Pakistan, China, Vietnam, Thailand and Africa. There are 8 types of it. It eats insects. It has no teeth. His tongue is longer than his own size. With the help of this tongue, he eats insects from holes. And yes one important thing if you're thinking of hunting it down and getting rich, get rid of this idea as it was only sold in the black markets of China and Thailand by 2017 and now there The government has banned it. He now faces up to 7 years in prison or 2 million dollars fines on his victim or trade.

Unbelievable creature

can a bird fly 4000 km continuosly?Yes
Golden Pover is a bird that causes its migration
Famous from. It's from the U.S. state of Alaska every year.
Flying 4000 km to the island of Hawaii
He migrates. This flight is 88 hours long.
It happens, where he doesn't stay anywhere. On the way
No island, no bird arrow
I can't say anywhere in the middle. When
Scientists researched this bird
It was found that the bird was to complete the journey.
Requires 88 grams of fat.
I fly to this bird as fuel
About 70 grams of sugar is available.
This bird must die in the sea 800 km ago
The doing ends. But how does it come, the answer to that
He's a stoat. Actually it's bird groups
Fly by making a shape v-shape, which
Because they are less prone to air conditioning than
Fly alone. and their %23 energy saved
It happens, which leads them to the island of Hawaii
6. Or 7 grams of sugar to reserve the family
Also present in the form, which is the direction of the winds
They work when they are opposed.
We ask who is guilty of god's denial
How can a bird know it?
What a sly way to travel.
Tells me how it gets so long.
And how does he know how to use the fat. And
Who told him to travel in v-shape and how can he save energy?

Intresting Ostriches

The flightless ostrich is that the world's
largest bird. They stray African savannah
and desert lands and find most of their
water from the plants they eat.
Speed and Movement
although they can't fly, ostriches area unit
fleet, robust runners. they'll sprint up
to forty three miles Associate in Nursing hour and run over
distance at thirty one miles Associate in Nursing hour. They may
use their wings as "rudders" to assist them
amendment direction whereas running. An
ostrich's powerful, long legs will cowl ten
to sixteen feet during a single stride. These legs
may also be formidable weapons. Ostrich
kicks will kill a person's or a possible
predator sort of a lion. every two-toed foot
has a long, sharp claw.
Herds and copy
Ostriches board tiny herds that
generally contain but a dozen birds.
Alpha males maintain these herds, and
mate with the group's dominant hen. The
male generally mates with others within the
group, and wandering males may additionally
mate with lesser hens. All of the group's
hens place their eggs within the dominant
hen's nest-though her own area unit given the
distinguished center place. The dominant
hen and male move incubating the
giant eggs, each of that weighs as
very much like twenty-four chicken eggs.
Behavior and Diet
Contrary to widespread belief, ostriches do
not bury their heads within the sand. The old
saw most likely originates with one amongst the
bird's defensive behaviors. At the
approach of bother, ostriches can lie low
and press their long necks to the bottom
in a shot to quieten down visible.
Their animal material blends well with sandy
soil and, from a distance, gives the
look that they need buried their
heads within the sand.
Ostriches generally eat plants, roots, and
seeds however will eat insects, lizards, or
alternative creatures accessible in their surroundings

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